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Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Trying to do your own bookkeeping can be very time consuming without the necessary skills or experience. It can also be very daunting, complicated and prone to mistakes.  As a business owner or director, you want to focus your energy on growing your business, getting new clients, promoting and selling your services.  This is where AWS Bookkeeping & Payroll can help.  

All the work is done remotely, so the location of your business is not an issue, also you won’t need to provide a desk, computer, phone etc. If you need any help and advice to migrate your books to the cloud, or the best tools and apps to securely share documents, this is also included. Or if you prefer we can collect all your receipts and invoices on a monthly basis rather than them all being electronically sent.

Do you already have a subscription to any software? You just need to grant access, it is that easy!  If you just need a little bit of help with your books or a full financial package, contact AWS Bookkeeping & Payroll today!

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an essential part of your business! It records all financial transactions and provides you with up to date accounts, so you always know how your business is performing while also meeting deadlines for VAT, CIS and tax returns etc.

  • Sales –  are you keeping records of all your sales, do you know who owes you money?

  • Purchases –  are you sure you are not overspending on materials for jobs? Are your suppliers paid up to date? Are you claiming back the correct amount of VAT?

  • Bank Reconciliations – is everything in your bank correct?  If these accounts need reconciling at Year-End, expect a bill from your accountant for doing this.

  • Are you surprised at the amount of Corporation Tax you have to pay and do not have the funds to pay it?  With the correct bookkeeping records, you can ensure you don’t get a shocking bill and make sure you budget for your taxes.

  • Need to purchase some much-needed equipment or transport?  Up to date, monthly accounts can help you get the finance, also provide you with the budget you have for this.


Unfortunately, if a business fails to keep adequate records, they can be fined by HMRC along with an additional tax bill if the records resulted in an incorrect tax return being filed.  You can also end up with a hefty accountants bill at your Year End if they have to do all the groundwork on your books or sort out errors made from poor bookkeeping.

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Our services include general bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll and self-assessment.

We will provide you with monthly updates on your P & L accounts and any other cost analysis if required.


Our aim is to give you, the client a perfect service with the minimum fuss so that you can really focus on the important factor - growing your business.


We really pride ourselves on the personal touch.

What we offer

We offer a free initial 1 hour consultation.  

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